Healing Power of Light Therapy

Healing Power of Light Therapy

Light Therapy for Healing

Laser Phototherapy, also called light therapy, is the newest technology used for soft tissue healing and pain relief…for over 50 years! With the increases we are seeing of antibiotic resistance, heightened incidences of diabetes, along with 2015 having the highest ever overdoses from prescription drugs, a new way of thinking is needed.  Laser phototherapy stimulates the natural healing processes of our cells, with no known side effects! Light therapy is one of the most promising medical therapies available.

Used successfully for 50 years, the awareness and acceptance has been slow to catch on in medical circles.  One of the reasons is the reluctance of physicians to accept that a single modality is so good at so many things.  But really, laser phototherapy does one thing very well, it relieves Oxidative Stress in cells.

laser phototherapy

Light therapy on lower back of athlete

Mechanism of Action

To accomplish this we use wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation between 650nm to 1200nm to trigger beneficial biochemical changes within living cells.  The photons from the laser are absorbed by photoreceptors within the cells (chromophore) triggering these chemical changes.  The chromophore in light therapy is the enzyme Cytochrome C Oxidase (CcO), which is inside the mitochondria membrane.  Mitochondria are called the ‘power plants’ of our cells and are inside nearly all cells of the human body. Did you know our mitochondria produce the equivalent of our body weight in ATP each day?

The primary reaction when CcO is stimulated is the creation of Adenosine TriPhosphate (ATP), up regulating the cell to normal function.  —Secondary reaction is —Nitric Oxide (NO) is released from the cell during this process, allowing proper respiration of oxygen, relieving oxidative stress on the cell. Tertiary reaction is when released NO enters to blood stream, it increases blood vessel dilation and improves overall circulation.


Just like a plant that uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide to glucose and oxygen, our body uses light therapy to stimulate cytochrome c oxidase in ATP production.

—ATP is used by the cells to:

  • —Absorb nutrients
  • —Repair tissue
  • —Excrete toxins

Simply put, this is photosynthesis for the body!

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