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What is a Red Carpet Treatment?

What is a Red Carpet Treatment?

Brighten Your Face: 

During our treatments for laser tattoo removal, we discovered an interesting side-affect.  When we used lower settings, we can even-out the coloring of your face by removing those red and brown discolorations. This creates an attractive even look to your skin. It also causes a short term “plumping” of your face. This plumping can smooth fine lines and crinkles, giving you a more youthful appearance.

This treatment has virtually no downtime. Although your face may initially be a little red, this disappears within hours, leaving you looking more youthful and vibrant.  We will have you walking into your next event at your very brightest self.

Brighten Your Smile:

You smile is your most precious accessory.

Whiten and brighten your smile with us in less than half an hour.  We have a dental gel which we apply on your teeth and then you just lay back and let our lasers do their magic. Just as when you were younger, your teeth will be their dazzling best.

Enter any holiday event and smile for those holiday pictures with joy and confidence. That in itself is a reason to smile.

Brighten Your Attitude:

 Our Phototherapy lasers are working miracles in people’s lives for pain and healing.

 Stem cell stimulation treatment is just one of the many laser treatments that is performed quickly with no downtime.

It is a warm, soothing treatment which actually helps with stem cell proliferation! The effect of the treatment is to enhance your mood and create a gentle, long lasting energy. The perfect scenario for the light hearted and joyful holidays and their events, that we wish for all.


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