I learned so much. I’s so glad I came here for school. Everyone was very nice and super knowledgeable. I would recommend this school for everyone. Everything is perfect. – Mosha, Pueblo

An opportunity for more hands on after the week has been complete. – Ariel, Broomfield

I loved the course. Very informative & organized. Everyone is generally super nice. I will say, sometimes when students ask questions teachers can be a tad snippy. I don’t think overall this makes or breaks the course. I love how funny& sarcastic everyone is. The price also is better than other schools. I’m so glad I chose this one. Providing lunch was also super sweet. – Amanda, Elizabeth

More time allowing the student to set their own machine. – Pamela, Lakewood

Everyone was very welcoming and insightful, they want your to succeed and that’s what is most important. – Sidney, Denver

I needed the knowledge about the machines and how to use them of course, but the hands on was so valuable. The feel of the lasers and the work on models was priceless. – Elizabeth, Thornton

In all honesty I was happily surprised with this course. I have never loved school and I really thought this would be a long, drawn out course with a lot of unnecessary downtime. I was completely wrong and I’m thankful for that! Everyone is so nice and understanding and knowledgeable. I love the environment, the normality of the instructors and the comfortable feel of the school. I learned so much more that I ever thought I would and am way more excited to find a job than prior to the course. I would LOVE to work for the RMLC if there’s an opportunity. – Lindsey, Thornton

Class is extremely informative and carried at a great pace. All of the instructors are beyond helpful and amazing examples of what a Certified laser Specialist should be. I would love to learn more from them in the future and hope I get another opportunity to. – Gabrielle, Denver

The class was very interactive and fun. The material was very complete. The instructors were very knowledgeable and respectful. This course was super helpful. No improvement needed. – Loreleyne-Colo Springs