Everyone was welcoming, friendly, and thorough in their teaching. I appreciate how comfortable you all made me feel. Ruby – Lakewood, CO

Would have liked more hands on examples of toe fungus and slides or a little more coverage on MLA use, but that me being super picky. Appreciated you all! Was a blast! Medelaine – Southgate, MI

Great mix of teachers who all have different perspectives on the treatments. I enjoyed hearing and learning from a large mix of teachers. Luke – Mckinney, TX

I really enjoyed this class. I learned so much in a laid back very professional setting. The instruction, both book and hands on has me confident in performing treatments. Tricia – Stapleton, NE

Very professional. Really enjoyed observing the different instructors techniques. The hands on portion, including the paper laser test, really helped me put the lectures into motion. Janelle – Salida, CO

The class was intense but super informative! Glad I was able to come back and re-take it after being sick. It’s a lot of information in a short time, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Jennifer – Colorado Spring, CO

I’ve appreciated you efforts so much. It really feels like you all are passionate about laser safety and this industry. I feel like I know so much more now, equipped to begin my laser journey. Thank you! Emily – Fayetteville, AR

Everyone was really good at answering all the questions, we just kept getting a little off track/topic. However I absolutely loved the class and had an amazing time. Lien – Gunnison, CO