Loved the class. Although I was familiar with a lot, I learned the ‘how and why’ – which puts it all together! Not just knowing how to do it, now I can explain everything to patients and educate them – my favorite! Loved everyone here, easy to learn from and helpful! – Ashley, Pittsburg

I was so nervous getting into laser. Hearing it talked about at work was a foreign language to me. But now everything makes sense and I finally feel confident. This week I gained so much confidence that it shows! Seriously, thank you all so much for everything. – Shayla, Colo

I loved the class. I learned so much. – Mara, Colo

Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you for helping and not laughing at me when I speak English. – Ly, Colo

Very helpful, I learned so much from physics lessons. Teachers were amazing and very honest. Enjoyed every minute. I will definitely be back. – Salvador, New Orleans

I thought all of the info presented in class was great, as well as the instructors. I think the online could use some improvement by breaking it down similar to class with safety, physics, hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, body contouring, etc. – Madison, Colo

Wonderful experience, learned a lot. Great instructors and presentation. I loved all the hands on training. I wish it was longer! – Zsofia, Colo

Honestly, I was not thrilled about taking this course when my employer asked me to do so. However, this was one of the best courses/training I’ve ever taken in almost 15 years of being in this field! I learned A TON!! I cannot tell you enough how impressed i am with the program, experience & especially the staff/instructors. It is all top notch! It was pretty close to perfection in my book. Thank you! – Liz, Colo