One of the best hands on instruction. The instructors made the class fun while learning and retaining the information. I would highly recommend to others. Elisa – Commerce City

I can’t explain how much I appreciate the instructors and this course itself. I always felt welcomed and at home with the instructors. I will always recommend this program and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to be here. Thank you! Alex – Lafayette

All of the instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable. They also helped with my particular interest, which was laser tattoo removal. I got as much hands on training with that as I could. Overall a great class! Andrea – Lihue

Class was amazing, I loved the way all of you were together with different teaching styles. I was able to learn really well and I was able to keep up a good understanding of the class. Christine – Westminster

I learned a lot over one weeks time. I feel the class size was appropriate and allowed for a good amount of hands on practice. The schedules for the day were done in a timely manner and the curriculum was very well organized. Julie – Beloit

I really liked how we got to learn how the laser functions and how every topic was taught with a lot of information. Aremi – Santa Fe

The instructors were amazing and extremely helpful Everyone is honest about how everything works and how the real world is in this industry. Kennia – Thornton

This school made me feel like I belong. I love it. Thank you. Maribel – Westminster

I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot. Lexie – Coloma

Enjoyed the variety of instructors and teaching styles. Format and change of instructors I enjoyed personally. Learned a lot in all aspects of laser which resonated with me. Misha – Broomfield