I really enjoyed my time at RMLC. I feel like all of the teachers were very knowledgeable in the classes they taught and I felt supported and knew if I had any questions it is more than okay to ask. Chandler – Monument, CO

The class was very organized and a lot of fun. The instructors were very knowledgeable and taught in a way that was easy for me to understand. I will forever be grateful for this course and am excited for the post grad course. Brooke – Colorado Springs, CO

Well organized. Staff is knowledgeable, professional, convey information in a concise yet approachable manner. After researching competitors, I am so pleased to have attended the course offered at RMLC. Michele – Chicago, IL

I really enjoyed this program. I felt I learned a lot of information in a short amount of time and was able to keep up with the class. It has a well balance of learning and having fun. I feel not only comfortable with the lasers, but also with the physics behind it all. I overall had a really good experience. Worth the money and recommend. Haley – Ft. Collins, CO

A lot of knowledge comes from the instructors. A safe place to learn and I really appreciate how much hands on there is. The instructors were authentic and relatable. Coolest week! Megan – Peyton, CO

I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The instructors have great personalities that match each other and provide a comfortable learning environment. Emma – Castle Rock, CO

I loved working with all of you. Very patient, helpful, full of information. No bad criticism. Peyton: Sweet and lovely, Ray: fun as hell-love the humor, Jess: what can I say-seriously fabulous, Cozzi: helpful and patient, Renee: kind and helpful, Ronnie: very helpful and kind. Angela – Littleton, CO

Overall the course was excellent, from training material to instructors, to hands on experiences. What I love the most is to be able to practice a lot on models/clients to make me feel comfortable and understand the concepts and techniques of these lasers. Julie – Honolulu, HI

I truly enjoyed all of the instructors. You made class fun, not scary and very relatable to real life. The stories of what have happened to you personally helps to make me feel more confident using my training in real life. Kara – Parker, CO

The information was delivered in a fun, enjoyable way that facilitated learning. There is a strong sense of trust and love here. I am so grateful to have participated in this course. Lisa- Littleton, CO

I had a great experience, very knowledgeable instructors and staff, very thorough. Excellent hands on experiences. I value the honest and opinions shared about the industry. Alicia – Kearney, NE

The entirety of the course was very thorough and I now feel confident to work with lasers while being safe and effective. Rachel – Longmont, CO