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Be Free From Insecurity. Dramatically Fade Your Stretch Marks.

The most experienced stretch mark removal professionals in metro Denver. Our pros are so good, they train other clinics' staff. 

Is Laser & RF Stretch Mark Removal for You?

stretch mark removal on the shoulder after muscle growth

When home remedies & retinoid creams can't erase your stretch marks, it's time for laser & radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. Our treatments penetrate deep into the skin where other treatments fail to reach. Trigger a massive amount of collagen growth to dramatically fade stretch marks to blend in with the surrounding skin. Shed the insecurity of ugly stretch marks on your stomach, hips, legs, and shoulders. Gain body confidence.

The Most Stretch Marks Treatment Options

During your free consultation, we determine the BEST treatment for YOUR stretch marks. Most skin clinics offer 1 or 2 stretch mark treatment options, we have them all. 

stretch marks removal on breast using a co2 laser at lakewood colorado skin clinic

CO2 LASER. Fractional ablative laser creates microscopic holes to stimulate collagen & elastin growth deep in the skin under your stretch marks. Extremely fast and highly effective for lighter skin tones.

icon 1540 non-ablative laser for stretch marks removal

ICON 1540 LASER. Fractional non-ablative laser triggers collagen & elastin like the CO2, but is less aggressive. Dramatic fading of stretch marks takes more treatments, but recovery is only about 1 day.

stretch marks removal on shoulder using rf microneedling at lakewood, colorado skin clinic

RF MICRONEEDLING. Insulated radio frequency needles for the safest stretch marks treatment on all skin tones. Three passes of different depths give you dramatic fading in a single session with little downtime

unique-to-you platelet serum enhances stretch marks removal and fading

PLATELET SERUM.  Unique-to-you serum maximizes collagen production & stretch mark fading. Derived from your blood, the platelet serum is applied topically immediately after a CO2 treatment for incredible dermal absorption.

Denver's Elite Laser Professionals For Over 30 Years

Our pros are so good, they train other clinic's staff on the latest stretch mark removal techniques. Clinical Director Jess Brune has over 15 years of laser treatment experience. 

While we are a college, students do NOT perform treatments in our clinic.

Erase Your Stretch Marks. Enhance Your Beauty.

Angelina L.  - Wheat Ridge, CO

Meagan D. - Denver, CO

"I received a CO2 laser treatment. My results were phenomenal. I had friends actually ask me how I did it. It made an instantaneous difference. Totally worth it! And the healing time was so fast! I highly recommend."*

The treatment was awesome. The aftercare routine they have developed is amazing. They continue to show they are leaders in the skin industry and not just following along. RF Microneedling was the best yet. 👌 Skin is a hard business because everyone's skin is different. But they always assess my current situation with their deep knowledge to make a custom experience."*

Stretch Mark Removal Pricing

We are unique. We share our affordable stretch mark removal prices upfront. Your cost for CO2 Laser & RF Microneedling stretch mark removal is 50-70% less than other clinics or medical offices. All treatments are performed by our full-time laser professionals. The same pros who train other clinics' staff. Prices listed are per session. All stretch marks require multiple treatments to fade effectively. Schedule a Free Consult for a quote based on your specific stretch marks & skin type. 

CO2 Laser &ICON 1540

RF Microneedling

Platelet Serum









Chat with a laser expert to get a detailed quote. Clear pricing, no surprises. Fade your stretch marks & love your body. 

Stomach - from $200

Hips - from $200

Shoulders/Pecs - from $100

Breast - from $100

Thighs - from $200

Stomach - from $300

Hips - from $300

Shoulders/Pecs - from $200

Breast - from $200

Thighs - from $300

Add a unique-to-you, platelet serum to any stretch mark removal treatment. Requires a small blood draw.

While we are a college, students do NOT perform treatments in our clinic.

Your Stretch Marks Are Getting Anxious

Chat with our stretch mark expert or schedule a free consult:

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