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Laser, Pico & IPL treatments to erase freckles, dark spots, sun spots, and age spots. Our team is so good, they train other clinics' staff in skin spot removal. 

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Sun spots, age spots, brown spots, dark spots, and freckles are effectively treated in a similar way. These hyper-pigmentations radically respond to  IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Pico Laser, and/or VI Chemical Peel. Your treatment plan depends on your specific skin, spot type and location. Schedule a free consultation to get skin you love.

Before & After

Sun & Age Spot Treatment

before and after sun spot removal treatment using pico laser

4 pico laser treatments*



before and after pico laser treatment for sun spot removal



1 pico laser treatment*

Before IPL treatment for sunspots and freckles in Denver
Skin after IPL treatment for sunspots and freckles in Denver



Chest after 2 IPL treatments*

Expertise with IPL, Pico Laser, and VI Chemical Peel give us a variety of tools to get rid of the dark spots you hate.

Light, Laser & Peel

Denver's Elite Skin Treatment Professionals For Over 30 Years

Our team is so good, they train other clinic's staff on the latest skin spot removal techniques. 

Clinical Director Jess Brune has over 14 years experience erasing skin spot discolorations.


Clear Pricing

While we are a college, students do NOT perform treatments in our clinic.

Watch a Quick Sun Spot & Age Spot Treatment

Watch a laser treatment to radically fade sun spots, age spots, and freckles. We use a variety of laser devices to fade spots including the Cynosure Apogee Elite, Pico Laser, IPL, and chemical peels. Your custom treatment plan is designed for your skin type and specific spots.

We Have the Right Tools to Treat Your Skin Spots

VI Medical-Grade Chemical Peel actually peels off your discoloration for a more even skin tone.

Pico Laser rapidly delivers energy to eat up your spot discoloration and return your skin's natural color.

chemical peel melasma treatment
pico laser settings for melasma

IPL uses broad-spectrum light to heats and destroy discoloration to diminish the appearance of spots.

IPL treatment on skin spot discoloration

"My results were phenomenal. I had friends actually ask me if I was using a new product and several comments about my skin glowing. It made an instantaneous difference. Totally worth it! I highly recommend."*

Angelina L. 

Wheat Ridge, CO via Yelp

Radically Diminish Age Spots, Sun Spots & Freckles

Get rid of skin spots to transform your life

"Jess gets more than five stars. She rejuvenated my face, and touched up some other spots on my skin due to changes from chemotherapy for breast cancer. The prices are great too!"*

Kelly W.

Denver, CO via Google

Skin Spot Removal Pricing

We are unique. We share our treatment prices upfront. Your cost is 50-70% less than other clinics. Your treatment is performed by the same professionals who train other clinic's staff. Prices listed are per session. Most clients take 1-4 treatments for full results. Contact us for a quote based on your exact skin type, spot location, and tone.



VI Medical-Grade Chemical Peel


Pico Laser Facial



Intense Pulsed Light


While we are a college, students do NOT perform treatments in our clinic.

IPL Neck - $150

IPL Chest - $200

IPL Both Hands - $200

IPL Facial - $250

Other areas by quote


Chat with a skin expert to get a detailed quote so there are no surprises in getting skin you love. 

Other areas by quote

Erase Your Spots. Elevate Your Beauty.

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