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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – Never shave or wax again!

Get the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve always wanted. Laser hair removal is a safe treatment for the effective and gentle removal of unwanted hair.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The energy from the laser passes harmlessly through the skin where it is absorbed by the color in your hair.  The laser energy heats up the hair follicle and disables it so hair won’t grow back.

Who performs Laser Hair Removal?

The instructors of Rocky Mountain Laser College will be the technicians performing your consultation, as well as your treatment. Our staff of highly trained and knowledgeable Certified Laser Specialists® have trained many of Denver’s laser hair removal practitioners. At Rocky Mountain Laser College, we pride ourselves on giving clients the most safe and effective Laser Hair Removal treatments and treatment plans with the newest technology and techniques.

Can I be a model for your students?

Absolutely, yes. We have classes the third week of every month and we need models for our students to practice on.  Prices are 1/2 our regularly low prices, but there are restrictions on days, times and procedures.  Please call us or fill out the form on the right for a free consultation to get you started in our model program.

Am I good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Our Certified Laser Specialist® will determine your skin type using the Fitzpatrick skin chart during your laser hair removal consultation. We then can determine which laser will be most effective for the laser hair removal treatment. Light skinned clients need a 755nm Alexandrite laser and darker skinned individuals need a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser.  Our technicians will determine the laser that is ideal for your skin type and we have both types of lasers here… it does make a difference!

How many sessions will I need?

Multiple treatments, typically 4 to 8, spaced 4 weeks apart are needed to capture typical hair cycle patterns for each area. Some clients may need touch up treatments or on-going maintenance after the initial set of treatments.

How much time goes by between sessions?

Generally speaking, treatments are spaced 4 weeks apart depending on the body area and the hair cycle length for that area. The shedding of the treated hairs should be complete within 1-2 weeks.

What are the side effects and risks?

After laser hair removal treatments, some normal side effects may occur. These include itching, redness and swelling around the treatment area. These side effects should not last more than three days. Some level of pain should also be expected during treatments.

Numbing creams are usually not used because they diminish the effectiveness of the treatment. Icing the area after the treatment helps relieve the side effects faster. These risks can be avoided when being treated with an appropriate laser set at appropriate settings for the individual’s skin type. Please reference our laser hair removal after care instructions.

Free Consultations

We offer Free Consultations and encourage you to come in, where we can give you an exact quote.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing – (Per Session)*


Lip or Chin $60
Lip and Chin $80
Glabella or Nose or Ears $60
Eyebrows $60
Full face $100
Bikini $120
Brazilian $170
Navel $60
Underarms $60
Upper or Lower Arms $100
Full Arms $175
Upper or Lower Legs $250
Full Legs $400


Full Back $300
Shoulders $125
Abs $150
Full Chest $300
Neck or Beard $100
Fingers or Toes $20
*All prices are subject to change. 

What can I expect after a session of laser hair removal?

Immediately after laser hair removal, redness and bumps at the treatment area is normal. It may feel like a sun burn for a few hours.

How can I make healing go more smoothly?

If needed, use a cold compress to ease the burn sensation. For any crusting, apply antibiotic cream onto the treated area. Some physicians recommend aloe vera gel or an after sunburn treatment such as Desitin. Keep in mind people with darker skin types may experience more discomfort and this may prolong the healing time.