Nitrous Sedation – $250

We know that many laser procedures are painful, and that brings on added anxiety and fear of the pain. We now offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), administered by our nurse, to relieve the anxiety! Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, breathable gas used as a safe and effective minimal sedative in medicine and dentistry. Nitrous oxide causes a sense of euphoria and relaxation. You will inhale a mixture of nitrous and oxygen through a mouth piece. It has an extremely short duration so you can safely drive yourself home. It was first used in the year 1772 to relieve a tooth ache and came into general medical use in the late 1800’s. It derives its nickname from its ability to give people a case of the giggles.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – $200

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an available addition to your CO2 treatment. PRP + CO2 is our most effective skin rejuvenation treatment ever. Erase fine lines, soften deep wrinkles, smooth scars, fade stretch marks, and even skin tone. PRP is derived from a small blood draw done by our in-house nurse. Immediately after a CO2 treatment, your skin’s dermis is open to the world. This is when we apply your PRP to allow your dermis to absorb a massive amount of this magical serum. Your skin recovers faster and grows the maximum amount of collagen and elastin for the most sensational skin rejuvenation.

Burn Scars

Click here to see Dr. Rox Andersen in Armenia treating burn scars.

Sun and Age Spot removal

Undo the damage of years in the sun!

As people age, sunspots frequently appear on the back of the hands, forearms, legs, neck, chest and face. These lesions are flat and are tan, brown or dark brown spots that manifest on sun-exposed skin. With many different treatment options, we decide which laser will work best for your skin type.

Skin Tag removal

Feel confident about your skin!

Skin tags are very common and look like small pieces of hanging skin. We use a radio frequency machine to cauterize the skin tag’s blood source to help make sure the skin tag does not re-grow.

Rosacea Reduction

Never look like you’re “blushing” again!

This very common skin condition is characterized by a red-faced appearance over the cheeks, nose and mid face. Eventually, rosacea leaves permanently enlarged visible red blood vessels and capillaries, but can be treated with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to close down the enlarged blood vessels. There is no permanent treatments for Rosacea, but treatments at RMLC can put it in remission for 6 months to a year.  $250 for full face.*

Toe fungus treatments

Go barefoot with confidence

Our revolutionary laser treatments are safe, effective and pain free. Even if you’ve had this condition for years, 80% of our clients get rid of nail fungus entirely. We treat all toes on both feet for $300 for a series of 3 treatments, are necessary, 1 week apart. *

Nose Veins

Don’t be a Rudolph

As we age, tiny veins start showing up around and on our nose. These are some of the easiest and most permanent treatments we have.

Capillary Hemangioma

What is that?

Ever look in a mirror and see a small red dot that showed up like…overnight? We all get these on our shoulders, backs and chests and they are commonly known as ‘cherries’. Blast ’em with the laser and they are gone for good.

*All prices are subject to change. We offer Free Consultations, and encourage you to come in, where we can give you an exact quote.