Cold sore treatments with lasers? It’s about time!

Our low power lasers are great for stopping and healing cold sores in their tracks. Come in as soon as you feel the tingle, treatments are painless and only take a few minutes.  Clients say the cold sore does not return in the same spot, ever!

A cold sore, or fever blister, is the herpes simplex virus that affects primarily the lip and sometimes inside the mouth or nose. Symptoms typically include a tingle at the site, followed by a burning sensation then small blisters or open sores. The rash usually heals within 10 days, but the virus is always there and remains dormant in the facial nerve. The virus may periodically reactivate to create another outbreak. The infection is typically spread between people by direct contact. The dormant virus can be triggered by sunlight, fever or stress. After one episode about 33% of people develop them again, typically less than three times a year.  The prevalence in the US is estimated at 20–45% of the adult population.

These cold sore treatments are based on science.

Want to learn even more? Get the scoop from the nation’s leading expert, Michael Hamblin, MD, PhD.

Dr. Hamblin is a researcher at the Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School, and he explains the mechanism of action with low level light therapy lasers. CLICK HERE to read his latest paper.

The price is $50 per cold sore for a 1 week period. We suggest once or twice a day for three days, and it’s the one price for however many treatments it takes to get relief in that 1 week. Get it now. Call our laser expert at 303-237-9100 x 2.

We accept your Health Savings Account cards for your treatments.