Botox Price at our Lakewood, Colorado Skin Clinic

Our Skin & Anti-Aging Clinic features treatments by our College Instructors. The same instructors who train other clinics’ staff on the latest wrinkle-erasing techniques.

Areas we treat with Botox

price for areas of the face where we treat wrinkles with Botox

Botox Price List

No membership is required. No introductory price tricks. No price gimmicks. Just a simple, always low Botox unit price of $12 per unit.

Botox Treatment AreaAverage UnitsAverage Price
Forehead lines (horizontal)16 Botox units$192
Crows feet 20 Botox units$240
Frown lines / glabellar lines (11s)23 Botox units$276
Bunny lines5 Botox units$60
Brow lift / brow pop6 Botox units$72
Under eyes 2 Botox units$24
Lip flip / smoker lines6 Botox units$72
Chin dimples / orange peel7 Botox units$84
Jaw clenching / TMJ 40 Botox units$480
Platysmal bands /stringy neck (per band)30 Botox units$360
Armpit sweat 100 Botox units$1200
For two-sided areas, the above Botox prices are for treating both sides.

Our Botox price list shows the average number of units required and our average treatment price for each area. Younger patients with fewer wrinkles (Baby Botox) require much less than average. Men with very deep wrinkles require more Botox units. Schedule a free consultation to get a precise quote on your custom Botox treatment. Botox treatment prices are based on our always-low $12 per unit.

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