Seriously, this was an incredible week of learning. Cozzi and Riggs really dive deep and quick in making the hands on training comfortable but impactful.  I learned techniques and tricks I would not have developed without years of experience.  This college is the Thank you for a fabulous week of education. – Clayton, Denver

Instructors are great! You all made me feel extremely comfortable which creates a fantastic learning environment. Thank you for treating us so good! – Amanda, Ft Collins

Ray was great teaching physics. I personally enjoyed his tone of voice. I liked that we were on point and no wasted time, his way of teaching really soaked in.  Both the Jess’s were very patient with us. Jacqueline was very patient as well, and I loved her sweetness, it calmed my nerves before firing the laser. – Irma, Pueblo

All instructors are so patient and great at breaking things down so we understand it better.  Also, it was fun!  Instructors are all down to earth and make it fun to be here. – Nicole, Denver

The style of teaching was awesome!  I felt the instructors were so knowledgeable in lasers and really helped me learn.  I enjoyed the lecture to hands-on ratio, working on each other and live models. – Alexandra, Boulder

From the get-go I felt like I could ask any question because everyone is so approachable & knowledgeable.  Everyone is the perfect mixture of Authority/Teacher but also your new bestie who wants nothing but success for you. – Alex, Mead

Overall, a very professional yet fun environment for both students and clients.  Loved the small class size and great hands on experience.  Also great to have instructors change for different laser expertise.  Good variety of experience to better know which area/laser we prefer. THANK YOU! – Bridget, Monument