Very comprehensive curriculum, not bogged down by too much of the science/technology or history of lasers…just enough though. Instructors were fantastic and extraordinarily helpful and thorough. Great hands on, receiving and performing. – Shana, Colo

All of the educators and instructors are very helpful. They listen and take the time to thoroughly answer any and all questions. They are great at correcting mistakes in a nice/helpful way. – Ashley, Grand Junction

Appreciated the consistency of the info being delivered from theory to hands on. – Ben, Hawaii

I don’t feel as if I’m missing any information after this course. The needed info was taught, as well as experience tips and other helpful bits of knowledge. I also appreciate the info being taught in numerous mediums-i.e.-physics, analogies, hands-on, observational. I’m incredibly impressed and grateful. – Kathryn, Colo

Information given in binders was very informative and helped me a lot when it came to studying for the test and also understanding the physics and information about lasers and their purposes. Ronnie was amazing, and so was Ray and the instructors. They were kind and answered any questions we had, which I really appreciated. – Yasmine, Colo

All instructors are very friendly, informative. Ray is amazing at thoroughly explaining situations. Everyone is very knowledgeable. – Cindy, Colo

I enjoyed this class so much. The knowledge, passion and directions the instructors give is phenomenal. The hands on makes the understanding of lasers awesome. Thanks for a wonderful week. –

The way the instructors taught us the info was amazing. They were thorough and made it very easy for us to know exactly what to do with very little errors. They made me, as well as the rest of the class, feel comfortable and ready to perform hands on. Best teaching methods used by far and incredibly talented instructors. 10/10!! – Annie, Colo