For absolute clarity which procedures to use for various conditions takes time and I appreciate instructor’s efforts of saying out loud the works/vocabulary over and over. REALLY appreciate how closely the instructors stayed with us during Hands-on w/ students and clients!! Felt much safer, Thank You!! – Carole, California

Instructors were absolutely amazing! They made me feel more confident working on clients & I felt confident I wouldn’t damage anyone’s skin while doing procedures. Loved practicing on paper. – Chevaun, New Mexico

Very thankful for all the information learned. All the tips you all gave us. I love the class & material. Thank you very much. – Isabel, Colo

all the instructors were great! I loved this course! I did really enjoy changing up the instructors because it gave you someone else to learn from & the teaching style was different. – Claudia, Colo

Class was exceptional! Ray was very organized & thorough in teaching all the material. The instructors were so knowledgeable, patient,& helpful in helping us learn & feel confident in our training. – Kristin, Colo

I loved this course. Very knowledgeable instructors were great at explaining things simply, making the material a lot easier to grasp. – Lily, Colo

Great environment to learn it! The instructors made the hands on learning a great experience. – Frieda, Colo

I just wish there was a bit more time with each instructor, but I do understand this is not a private class. Thank you for all you have done and I hope my face will heal soon. – Parisa, Colo

Loved every one of you! – Erin, Colo

I think it’s a lot of info in one week! Instructors were amazing! I loved how comfortable they made me feel, loved tattoo removal!! – Emily, Colo

Excellent classroom instruction as well as hands on training. – Leslie, Colo

Absolutely LOVED the course! Worth every penny. Instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had! I feel ready to work in a medical spa now. – Zara, Colo