CO2 fractional treatments are the closest thing to a face lift without going under the knife. Many of our clients look to CO2 fractional treatments because the results are fantastic and they don’t want that ‘face lift’ look. Aesthetic lasers can take years of use and abuse off your skin while allowing you to maintain a “natural” appearance. The CO2 fractional is one of our favorite treatments because of the dramatic results our clients see.

So let’s talk a little about what we mean by CO2 fractional…

First of all, CO2 is the lasing medium inside the laser; the thing that creates the laser beam. We are not firing CO2 gas at your face, the CO2 gas is inside the laser and when the gas is excited by electricity it gives off a beam of 10,600nm wavelength. This makes a difference in your treatment because the 10,600nm wavelength provides the deepest penetration into the skin of any cosmetic laser. Since I (Jess Brune) am the Physics Instructor here at Rocky Mountain Laser College, I could go on for hours of why the CO2 wavelength is the best for the client, but I will stop and save you the pain of reading all the scientific stuff. Just understand that we use the Co2 because we believe it is the best technology and treatment available.

Next, what do we mean when we say fractional?

“Fractional” originally comes from the fact that the laser handpiece breaks the beam apart and the machine then moves the beam from one spot to the next, on its own, without the laser specialist worrying about how much energy is going to the client. We now use the term fractional to mean a treatment where the laser vaporizes holes in the skin and leaves intact skin bridging the gaps between the holes. Think of it like aerating your lawn, where the machine pulls plugs from the ground but spares the rest of the grass. This fractional technology allows for more rapid healing with minimal problems. As the clinic director, I (Jess Brune) perform 700 of these treatments per year! And not to boast, but I have gotten really good at them, which is good for you.

+Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

The newest addition to our treatments is using your own filtered blood to apply topically immediately after a Co2 treatment.  We have a nurse draw a small vial of your blood before the treatment. Then we spin it in a centrifuge, which separates the red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma (PRP).  We then draw off the plasma and immediately apply it over the Co2 treated area.  The vaporized holes from the laser allow the platelet rich plasma to quickly absorb into the dermis, providing faster healing and more collagen rebuilding.  This gives your body a kick start to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out!