Very happy with all explanations, well described and clear. Instructors very professional while explaining and training with the clients at the same time. Thanks! – Lourdes, Colo

The instructors are all very nice and understand not everyone moves at the same rate. They treat everyone differently, because mostly everyone learns differently. Very good hands on and knowledgeable!! – Lindsay, Texas

10! – 10! – 10! – Larysa, Kiev

I really enjoyed the hands on approach. Working with real world clients prepare you for the field. – B Vance, Ft Collins

Instructors were amazing! All laser course material was easy to understand and to learn valuable information. – Anna, RU

The instructors were very down to earth, nice, helpful and most importantly (to me) funny! It’s easier to learn from people that can talk to their students more like friends tan students. Very, very happy I decided to travel here rather than staying closer to home. – Nikki, Nevada