Laser Training Costs Compared. Less Is Better.

Many prospective cosmetic laser students find Us and National Laser Institute. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the differences between the two laser schools. What’s real information versus marketing fluff? While both programs ultimately provide a good base to launch your career in laser esthetics, let’s quickly cover a couple of differences between us.

Our training program requires you to be at school for just 6 days while National Laser Institute is 15 days. On top of your time away from life, their training costs nearly 50% more than ours… that’s $3,000 MORE! That’s real time AND money.

Laser training cost comparison showing the difference in cosmetic laser training costs at Rocky Mountain Laser College and National Laser Institute

One-On-One With World-Class Instructors

Besides time and money, we cap our class sizes so you get more one-on-one attention during your laser training. This results in a better understanding of laser physics, safety, and technique. A smaller class size also means more time to practice a variety of treatments with a variety of the latest lasers on real models. While you learn and practice, you receive unrestricted access to your amazing instructors.

All of our instructors are also full-time laser technicians who regularly perform the same treatments they teach; not medical doctors whose focus is supervision but rarely fire lasers. Our instructors are the most skilled laser technicians with 5 to 10+ years of treatment experience. They stay up-to-date on the latest laser treatment techniques so you can learn the best skills to succeed. Finally, our instructors have more laser-firing experience than most medical doctor supervisors which gives you more real-world treatment knowledge.

Nothing to Hide in Our Laser Training Cost

Since our laser training cost is so much less expensive than National Laser Institute, prospective students think we are hiding costs. We’re not. You have to cover your travel to get to the college, accommodations, and some meals (lunch is included). The reality is, we are a small company; there are just eight of us. Our office and classrooms are classy, but nothing extravagant. We spend a little on advertising, but nothing like National Laser Institute. This adds up to a much more affordable laser training cost. Cosmetic lasers are a very powerful beauty tool. Laser training should be accessible to all who want it, not just the elite or people willing to take on massive debt.

If you’re interested in cosmetic laser training, give us a ring at (303) 237-9100 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to answering all your laser training questions.