I get this same question every day, “Will I get a job?” My answer is always this… You need to have a GREAT resume, you need to check for job postings, you need to call on those job postings and make cold calls. You need to network and if you do all these things you will get an interview.

The funny thing is, employers tell me they can’t find suitable employees. The employer posts an ad for a job and the prospective employees come late for the interview, their hair is a mess, they are chewing gum or in their pajamas and, heaven forbid… their phone rings in the middle of an interview and they ANSWER it (true story).

So I always ask our graduates: are you somebody an employer would want to hire? Do you look the part? Can you be trusted? Will you show up? Will you show up on time? Can the employer put you responsible for the cash drawer? Do you care about the business and its clients?

I used to work in a veterinary office and the doctor finally decided to hire another vet. I was amazed to find that even with a $150,000 education, the prospective doctors still had to submit a resume, go through an interview and hopefully would get a chance to show their qualifications. Even with a doctorate degree they still had to do all the same things that I did to get a job. Just being a doctor or a lawyer doesn’t guarantee a job.

I have been working almost 40 years; I have never struggled to get a job. I’m honest and I have my employers back. I treat his business as if it were my own. I take an interest in how it runs physically, emotionally and financially. We happen to be in a fashion industry so I make a conscious effort to dress the part. I have always tried to be that employee that goes the extra mile for my employer and the business as a whole. Trust me, an employer knows which employees just screw off and who actually gets the job done.

So in your quest for a job, look close…look inside and ask “Am I somebody an employer would want to hire?”