The class was all inclusive. Great info, I feel more confident with laser, safety, treatments and now have a great foundation to start in the business! – Jen, Minnesota

Extremely thorough! I was very scared and nervous in the beginning. By end of class-much confidence gained! – Sommer, Minnesota

I really enjoyed the class size& diversity of the classroom. Program days were jam-packed full of information. – Lori, Colo

Instructors were extremely patient with us and kept everything moving. All the hands-on was great. Covered lots of interesting topics like Rule 800 and laser purchasing. – Laura, Colo

The information was presented in a very easy to understand way. I was concerned about retaining concepts coming into the course but after the lecture portions I feel very comfortable not only talking to the information but also working on clients. Great instructors. – Joe, Colo

Really loved each instructor. Everyone was very knowledgeable. I like that all the teachers have so much experience and they work on clients every day. They all took the time to listen to questions and not make you feel stupid if you didn’t understand the material. I especially really loved having the doggy come in. I think he helps our stress levels! – Christina, Colo

Instructors are very passionate about lasers & helping clients achieve their goals. I enjoyed getting to know everyone and why they do what they do. This has been a great experience. – Natalie, Colo

I enjoyed my experience @ RMLC very much, only wish it was a little longer. – Renee, Colo