I absolutely loved everything of the class from material to the instructors. I’ll also be back for some more C02 with my brother since I know how knowledgeable the instructors are. Hannah – Aurora, CO

Easy to digest complex ideas. Very relaxed learning environment with highly knowledgeable instructors. Robert – Colorado Springs, CO

Loved the class, the instructors really knew what they were talking about. Everyone was super helpful and nice. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to further their career in esthetics. Audrey – Colorado Springs, CO

I really loved the material and Ray made physics easy to grasp. You guys really rock! You were helpful and positive and gave constructive criticism with positive encouragement. Kimberly – Roswell, NM

I truly enjoyed this class! ALL the instructors were knowledgeable, informative, and I LOVE the positive reinforcement! I will be recommending to anyone looking to learn this valuable information! Thank you! Jodi – Aurora, CO

Great class. Learned so much but pace was not overwhelming. Thank you for sharing resources. I went from thinking I don’t know if I can do this to I can do this safely and provide more services to my patients. Nice hands on. Traci – North Platte, NE

I loved the class and people/instructors. I think your model program was so inventive and nice. Not to mention other programs you work with! You are doing amazing work and I would want to work here, so loving! Paige – Roswell, NM