I am very impressed with the program. Almost all the instructors were very easy to work with and learn from. The amount of after class completion support is phenomenal. The follow through shows they truly care about the success of their students and I feel that’s not something you come by often. Alexis – Longmont

The class was better than I ever imagined. The instructors treated us with respect and built our confidence and skills together. This is the first time in over six months that I felt valued in a working/learning environment. Thank you to RMLC for the great job! Brooke – Eau Claire

One of the best classes I’ve ever attended. Very professional and amazing education. The instructors were very diligent. Mia – Parker

I am beyond grateful to have been a part of this class. Instructors are very knowledgeable. You can see that they have done their part to provide us with the most accurate information possible. Liliana – Franksville

Very helpful, knowledgeable, made the course comfortable. It was easy to ask questions. The fact that lunch was provided was very kind. I felt really comfortable because this whole team treats each other like a family so you know they care for each other and you don’t always feel that at all places. Shoni – Thornton

I learned so much in this course and am so grateful to all of our educators for truly caring which was clear in the style of teaching. Raquel – Colorado Springs

I really enjoy how personal the instructors are with the students and how they take the time to really evaluate our work on models. I appreciate that they treated us like adults and not children. Savannah – Greeley

Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Lisa – Windsor

This class was incredible. Ray is so great at explaining concepts and really knows his stuff. Jess is amazing as well. She made class fun but really got down to business. She made us feel comfortable every step of the way. All the girls were so nice as well when helping us. Jamie – Kauai

I loved everything about this course! You all really take the time to help us in everything we need. The sense of family and community really shows as well as the staffs love and dedication to this industry. Thank you! Sara – Aurora

I learned so much this week! Instructors were very hands on and amazing to work with! Highly recommend other people taking this course in the future. Christina – Denver