All the instructors were awesome! Very patient and took the time to explain everything in detail. Made me feel very comfortable. Kinda wish the course was a little longer because I enjoyed it so much! Lol:) – Julie, Colo

Every instructor was so much fun to learn from. Classes suck but these guys made it not only bearable but really effective! Would recommend all my Esties to come here. Both Jess’s are bad ass!! – Sarah, Colo

Every Instructor has been incredibly thorough in their lesson plans & instructions. Their attention is solely focused on our success & ability to properly use all the laser machinery. Fun, engaging and very informational! – Sarah, Colo

This is by far the best school I have attended in the industry. All the instructors are patient and kind but know how to critique without being mean. An amazing overall environment to learn! – Elizabeth, Colo

Great class! All instructors were great at answering questions and listening. – Alayna, Colo

This class has taught me so much. Everyone was so nice and understanding. The quizzes and pre-tests were a big help. I can’t wait to look back on them when in need. I thank you! – Tiffany, Michigan