When it comes to buying lasers, we often get asked the same three questions over and over:

1. Does Rocky Mountain Laser College Sell Lasers?

The answer is no, we don’t sell lasers. We aren’t dealers or brokers. We don’t get commissions on lasers sold to our graduates. We have had numerous manufacturers ask us to do this, but we always say no. We feel there would be a conflict of interest if we were getting our palms greased. How could we remain unbiased in our education if we were getting paid to promote one product over another? We also do not have the manufacturer’s rep teach our class for us. That would be like having a car salesman teach you how to drive. How well rounded of an education could you possibly get by having a sales rep train you when he is only promoting his laser? And another thing he will never tell you is he is not permitted by his employer to fire a laser.  That’s right, manufacturer sales reps are not allowed to perform treatments on clients. So if they don’t perform treatments, how can they teach you to perform them? All of our instructors are employees of the Laser College and practice what they teach each and every day, and they will give you pearls of wisdom that will help you succeed.

2. What is the best laser to buy?

My answer is always the same, the best laser to buy is the laser that NEVER breaks. Wouldn’t that be the best car to buy, the one that NEVER broke? That really isn’t possible is it? So my next answer is more realistic. The best laser to buy is the laser that does what the manufacturer claims it’s suppose to do! This may seem so elementary, but it is harder to find than you would think. Manufacturers make wild claims that their ‘technology’ is better or newer or faster or anything else no one can substantiate. However, there are good, solid manufacturers who build lasers that do what they are suppose to do. Our course teaches you the physics of lasers so you will know more about the laser than the guy selling them, which will allow you to make a wise decision when spending your money.

3. Can I rent a laser?

Basically, no, you can’t rent a laser but you can lease a laser. However, leasing a laser is just like leasing a car. You can’t give it back whenever you want and you have to fix it when it breaks. Also, just like a car, you will have to qualify for the lease so you must have and maintain a good credit rating. Our course will go over the basics of running a laser business and the mathematics of making it all work. We also work with a national leasing company that knows lasers and the laser business and specializes in startup businesses and non-MD financing.