The instructors and the curriculum were wonderful. Their insight, knowledge and patience make it an enjoyable yet in-depth learning experience. They were extremely thorough going over treatments and laser technology and techniques! – Cara, Rhode Island

The instructors are masters of this craft with endless knowledge regarding the machines, application to clients and helpful with starting out in this industry. I learned so much and feel like i have learned from the best in the Nation. – Cacy, North Carolina

I liked that we got to experience what our clients will be going through. It’s helpful to be able to tell someone how things really feel. – Candice, Colo Springs

The class was great and fun, so was the material, the instructors were very fun and understanding. They explain the machines very good and what I like is that their going to be there for us after the class to answer questions we have. – Rocio, Mexico

I enjoyed how everyone was very passionate about the education. The engagement between the instructors and the class was perfect. I also felt that there was a good balance of hands on learning. – Stephanie, South Dakota