Loved the mash up of instructors. Ray’s instruction and explanations were very detailed and allowed me to process in small chunks. I love how committed RMLC is to their grads and their success after graduation. Support and handholding while we dive into this industry is greatly appreciated. Misty – CO

School/facility is amazing! I feel like more time could have been spent on certain material. Liked that we did lecture then hands on. Great amount of resources available! Thank you for including lunch. Nicole – Colorado Springs

The information was great and all instructors were very knowledgeable and very patient with all of us. Lori – Colorado Springs

The class was great! I learned a lot thru the class. I felt I improved a lot. Thanks all. Ju – Centennial

Although the material was dense and plentiful, it was presented in a way that made it easy to understand and enjoyable. I enjoyed every instructors teaching style and the personal anecdotes helped. I felt inspired by every instructor as their passion for the industry was contagious. Linette – Denver

I absolutely loved this program. The instructors are all super sweet and knowledgeable. Jamie – Lakewood

I honestly have no complaints. The blended learning styles really helped the information sink in. Having hands on all week long was also incredibly helpful and appreciated. Krystal – Denver

First day was long! I don’t think it can be helped. Instructors are really fun. I enjoyed Cozzi and Renee and their style of teaching. Aleah – Kennewick, WA.