Very grateful for this opportunity! All instructors are very intelligent, kind, supportive and easy to understand, which is very important to me because I’m not a native speaker. I fell in love with this place! Thanks you so much, you change people’s lives! – Alexandra, Colo

Overall I was very pleased with the course. I wish it had been over a longer time frame to be able to absorb the information more. Ray was great with his teaching skills, uses many different types of teaching to help different learning styles. Jess Cozzi was a great teacher, very thorough and precise. – Carolyn, Colo

I really enjoyed the class & learned a lot very quickly. Jess Brune gave a most involved & awakening presentation, I like the more energy and interactiveness, great class. – Allyson, Colo

Great week course w/ a lot of knowledge. – Kayla, Colo

Amazing staff, super helpful and knowledgeable. Great materials. Everyone was awesome. Never felt like when I asked a question like it was dumb. – Amanda, Colo

All instructors are very knowledgeable and are clearly experts in their chosen area of the exciting field. They are all passionate about what they do. – Linette, Colo

Ray is an amazing instructor, takes time to go over things. All the CLS are amazing!! – Amanda, Wyoming

I was terrified when I got here but the awesome & knowledgeable staff put my fears to rest! – Donna, North Carolina

I wish the training was more than one week long! – Trina, California

Great learning &work environment. all instructors were kind and helpful. – Adrienne, Colo

I love the fact that everyone is so down to earth and real. I felt comfy every step of the way. I look forward to seeing ya’ll over and over again. – Yesenhia. Colo