RMLC has been very educational and fun! The instructors are ALL so knowledgeable. The energy is great. I could tell the instructors were passionate and love teaching lasers! The class material was laid out perfectly so us students could build on knowledge from the previous day without confusion. 10/10 will recommend! Sierra – Colorado Springs, CO

I had an amazing time and am so sad to leave! You were all amazing teachers that were so supportive and genuine. I learned so much. I loved the lesson plans and the hands on experience with clients. Mira – Colorado Springs, CO

The instructors made it very easy to understand lasers from the start to finish. Really liked how they planned our days from class work to hands on training. Really liked the breaks in between slideshow presentations, it helped me focus more. Jordyn – Arvada, CO

Having multiple instructors was helpful, sometimes when I wasn’t quite understanding something another instructor would say it in a different way and it would click. Loved being able to learn by hearing, seeing and doing. Allison – Springdale, UT

This program is amazing. I’ve never felt so comfortable jumping into something so quickly but the instructors all do an incredible job teaching us students the material! Thank you all so much, I cannot wait to pursue my laser career! Janna – Denver, CO

Amazing team! Thank you. All the hands on is the best part of class. Delilah – Delta, CO

It’s really great, we had different instructors and guest speakers throughout the course. Asha – Denver, CO

Instructors were very helpful, made sure you understood the materials. Some things were hard to understand, but asking questions helped. Ashlee – Littleton, CO