Thanks to all for making the CLS course a comfortable learning environment.  These courses can and are intimidating and the instructors make it a “less stress” environment. – Tammy, Colo

Lots of information presented leaving me much more knowledgable regarding lasers and treatments. Instructors were all vey good-answered questions, very knowledgable and encouraging. – Mary RN, Wyoming

The instructors were very informative and didn’t get mad when asked even the simplest of questions, they were always willing to help. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. Overall a great experience. – Yaimeh, Colo

Instructors were very friendly, informative, gave constructive criticism when needed and praise when deserved. – Crystal, Colo

Very thorough, and patient instructors build confidence in the students. Well presented info in a way that really helps keep attention. Instructors are awesome, simplifies laser complexities so that the every-day person can understand, it makes sense! – Sue RN, Colo

I thought the class was great!  Teachers were realistic and really seemed to care. – Charlotte, Colo