Can laser hair removal help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS)? PCOS affects women and girls of childbearing age. High levels of androgens (a type of hormone) manifest in women’s appearance as having excess body or facial hair, and are very common signs of PCOS. If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and have excess body or facial hair, laser hair removal might be something to consider.

Laser hair removal can clear areas of hairs when traditional methods of hair removal are not enough. Typically our clients get enough clearing that they do not have to shave, tweeze or trim in between treatments. Clients with PCOS will not get complete or total clearing of all hairs. As long as there is a diagnoses of PCOS, your body is always going to want to grow hair. Unfortunately, the Rocky Mountain Laser College can’t fight hormones with a laser. Clients can go through long periods of clearing and then the hair seems to come back out of nowhere. This is usually why clients with PCOS will be life long clients because of the hormonal imbalance in their bodies.

The clients we have here at Rocky Mountain Laser College with PCOS are usually satisfied with an appointment for laser hair removal once a month rather than having to shave everyday.  If you have PCOS, lasers can definitely help with the slight skin discoloration (hyperpigmentation) that tweezing or shaving can cause also.