Fantastic training! Truly appreciate variety of hands-on training. Very thorough materials. So glad to have come here. Confident to start. Thank you! – Alesya, Littleton

Everyone was fantastic! The teachers are very knowledgeable, patient and down to earth. It was a serious setting but also very fun. – Stephanie, St Louis

This was a very informative class. Lots of exposure to my next endeavors in life. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to do medical & aesthetic laser treatments. – Roland MD, Erie

I know you don’t teach settings, but maybe allowing us to think a little bit about what we would start at on clients for various treatments would be amazing. – Kara, Colo Springs

Very informative, covers a lot of useful material and reviews key concepts. – Gina, Moneta VA

My experience at Rocky mountain Laser College was amazing! Everyone was so nice and patient and I have learned so much over this whole week! – Catherine, Denver

Everyone here is so humble & friendly, it’s reassuring when you’re in a nerve racking situation firing a LASER! Loved every second of time in class! Thank You! – Lindsey, Boulder