I really enjoyed how each lesson and instructor was very engaging. It didn’t feel like you all have been teaching this class for years and years over and over and it is now a bore to you. Everyone had high energy and seemed very passionate about the material. A lot of questions were asked to all of you and it seemed there was always a great well explained answer. Katie – Littleton

Everyone was patient and truly kind. I feel all instructors were informative and clear on expectations. They also made the learning experience enjoyable and fun. Sarah – Lafayette

I have gained intensive knowledge about laser course. Hands on training gained my confidence. I will recommend my fellow Estheticians to take this course. This is a must. Silky – Sterling, VA

You guys did a very good job. Everyone was welcoming and informative. Thanks and job well done. Julia – Denver

This class has been so fulfilling! They are all so knowledgeable. They are better than most doctors, very great. I will be back for post grad. I appreciate a real learning environment and this was as 100% as it comes. Thank you all for everything. Cindy – Colorado

All the instructors were absolutely amazing. I could easily tell everyone here is passionate and forward thinking. I loved the energy the instructors brought to the classroom and I feel ready to apply the skills I learned here. Thanks you everyone at RMLC!!! David – Aurora

Course was very thorough, well explained. The instructors took time to explain our questions which was very helpful, especially at the end of the day. Marie – Colorado

Ray Fluken is a tremendous facilitator. He was able to provide context to topics in a way that was memorable and highly applicable. Jess B provided succinct and real time application that was extremely beneficial. Both emphasized safety with an emphasis on how to avoid pitfalls. Renee and Jessica Cozzi were helpful instructors easing us into client set-up, consult , etc. Excellent course. Regina – Evergreen

Loved the course, Ray and Jess did a fabulous job explaining the physics, physiology, interactions, ect. Really impressed overall and would definitely recommend the RMLC to others. Emily – Charlotte, NC

I enjoyed this course a lot. Everything was super interesting and exciting. Tania – Fond Du Lac, WI

The in-depth, easy to digest info has been exciting and interesting to learn. The organization of the material, flow of the day, and overall schedule really stands out in a positive way! Thank you for everything! Paige – Davenport, IA