Loved it! Lot’s of information. I would pay more for a book that could be a Quick Flip for my shop. Everyone was so nice! – Angela, Mississippi

I am able to walk away from the course with an understanding of the physics of lasers and how to apply them to my clinical practice. – Abbie PA, Indianapolis

10! 10! 10! – Shelly RN, Indianapolis

I think this was a very well put together class. The only thing I think would’ve been a little more helpful would be if we were able to feel more of the Tx’s on ourselves, such as skin tightening or circumference reduction. I loved the instructors, and not to single one out but I really loved Jess Cozzi. – Abby, Grand Junction

The instructors did a great job wrapping our heads around all the material to make sure we fully understood. Also highly entertained was I, great animated characters around the College. Renee was really good at coaching and encouraging. – Leia, Colo

This course is very comprehensive and an intense amount of material, but is designed in a way that makes it digestible and not overwhelming. The amount of patience and encouragement from all the instructors was so helpful and I think made us all less nervous to really get in there and try things out. Thank y’all for your kindness! – Jennifer, Denver

There was a lot of information to go over in one week but all the instructors were great!! Very patient and helpful. – Megan, Denver

Instructors were very comforting & would always answer questions & explain so we would understand better. – Jacy, Hawaii

Loved the class, loved everybody in it. I appreciate all the instructors taking time to teach everybody. I would love to come to the post grad class. I loved meeting Sal and learning a lot from him on tattoo removal! My biggest confusion is settings…will learn in time. – Tabitha, Colo

Classes were well taught, thorough, and made interesting. – Alessandra, Denver