I want to be best friends with all of the girls that work here:). (and also Ray, you can hang out with us) – Sara, Denver

Considering Kansas doesn’t require certification, I will still refer everyone I know doing laser! This was extremely informative! I am very hesitant to let anyone without this formal training fire on me! This was WONDERFUL information! – Brandi, Wichita KS

The class was in depth, we got a lot of practice and hands on and the place is absolutely clean. Al the classes started on time and the instructors were very professional. – Marlene, Thornton

I’ve been an instructor in some capacity since I was fourteen-years old and the passion and knowledge of your teachers is top notch. So engaging, enlightening and FUN. Thanks you for a fantastic experience. I am now a proud laser ADDICT. – Melissa, Ft Collins

You are all amazing! Your passion for the industry makes me so excited to get involved. I fell like I have educated support I can always reach out to. – Maggie, Lakewood

All the instructors are extremely passionate about what they do and it is noticeable to the students. It is a wonderful course and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in lasers. – Gabrielle, Centennial