The class provided excellent didactic information and then allowed for clinical implementation. The amount of guidance was perfect-a bit of hand holding and then some independence to build confidence-always keeping the patient’s safety and care in the forefront.  Melody M.D.-Colorado

I felt like the instructors explained things very clearly in terms I could understand.  I liked how knowledgable the instructors were in all of the lasers.  They kept it real and made it a fun learning environment.  Julie-Colorado

Everyone has been extremely helpful and very knowledgable! Every step of the way I have felt like I was in the best possible place to learn about aesthetic lasers.  Also vey optimistic for the future because they have made it clear they will still be available to help down the road. Thank you!  Genna-Colorado Springs

Great class and instructors!  Alyssa Lamas-Colorado

This was an amazing experience. All of the staff were patient and made the learning process easy to understand and apply to clients.  I would highly recommend this college for anyone interested in the industry.  Luann-Colorado

Very fast paced learning but I loved the way the instructors broke the material down and provided the fill in the blank sheets as you went through material.  Very hands-on and everyone here was available to you if you had questions/concerns.  Course was overall great and so was experience at RMLC!  Melissa-North Carolina

The instructors were ALL very knowledgable and excellent in product and industry knowledge. Claire-Colorado