All staff is understanding and supportive. I especially like the fact that I feel, moving forward, all the staff will be a great resource. Very knowledgeable in all aspects, both in class and in clinic. Thank you so much. Barbara – Boulder

All the instructors were very knowledgeable.  High energy and real life examples keeps us engaged and makes it fun! I feel like I learned a lot and had a great experience. Skylar – Iowa

I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  Although so much information was crammed into one week, I feel like I retained a lot of information thanks to the instructors! I enjoyed the physics.  I’ve never taken any sciences in high school and I grasped onto physics easier than I thought.  The two Jess’ were amazing.  I loved their take on class using their personal experiences to help relate and understand more clearly.  Thanks guys! Hailey – Trinidad and Tobago

Jess and Jess were amazing!  Great knowledge shared.  They listened to the question before responding, then used appropriate terms to clearly answer questions.  Jacqueline was kind and knowledgeable.  The ladies made the material comprehendible and easy to understand. Christa – Colorado