Extremely knowledgeable instructors, loved all the hands on. It’s a lot of information and would liked a study guide while doing the on-line portion. Will highly recommend this school! Ray is a gem:) – Jackie, Colo

Loved the personal dedication and excitement of all the instructors. Their passion for their work was obvious and contagious!! This whole course was amazing! – Roxane, Colo

The level of organization and timely manner was key for me. It was nice that the instructors didn’t get off topic or let the students dictate the lessons. Lunch delivery was key! I loved the hands on! Physics was hard to grasp, but Ray does a good job breaking it down. All the instructors had very likeable personalities. – Jolynn, Colo

After 27 years in the industry and many continuing education classes, this was beyond my expectations. RMLC was organized, professional, impeccably clean and knew what they were talking about. Instructors had a lot of real-life knowledge of their treatments and procedures. I especially like that they are still working on clients. – Ginger, Colo

Loved the class. Can be a bit overwhelming, but your encouragement helped. – Kathern, Colo

I am so impressed with how organized and accommodating the whole staff is! I’ve taken so many classes in my career and none have ever been so well put together and planned. Everyone’s knowledge is superior and you all work well together as a team and make everyone feel at ease! – Kirstin, Colo

The small class size helped give everyone the attention they need to succeed. – Brianna, Colo

I wish I could be here longer it was so enjoyable! Everyone was so happy to be here and wanting to help. I struggle retaining information but the class was taught so well it helped keep my stress level down. Thank you! – Delanie, Colo

The structure & curriculum of this laser course exceeded my expectations. Everybody here was knowledgeable and helpful, in and out of class. I feel trained & educated to start m y job in this field! I will be referring everyone to this college and truly feel honored to say I went to Rocky Mountain Laser College. You will see me back! – Mila, Colo