I really enjoyed the course and learned a ton! – Shey, Colo

Don’t change anything! I learned so much and had fun! Everyone was very experienced and knowledgeable and so great! I truly appreciated everyone. – Jamie, Colo

Great balance of information/terms/hard knowledge mixed with light hearted instructors to break it down for ease of understanding and to break to stress level. All instructors were fantastic at having common ground with students and making this course fun as well as lowering stress by giving praise. – Kevin, Colo

I really enjoyed every minute of the whole week. Instructors are really good at explaining and breaking everything down so we can all understand how everything works. – Magaly, Colo

This course was by far the best I’ve taken . I felt comfortable with all the instructors and they explained everything and answered all questions. I loved that we were also able to get treatments during our course. – Nicole, Colo

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Having alot of hands on really helped me learn more but also feel more comfortable. Thank you guys so much! Hoping to come back for the post-grad program. You’re all great! – McKinzie, Colo

The class was so much fun. The instructors really made the content enjoyable and easy to interact. Having a realistic experience while performing treatments makes me feel confident in what I have learned. – Destiney, Colo

Everyone was kin and helpful. Extremely pleasant environment. – Shelly, West Virginia

This course was everything I was hoping for and more. I learned a ton in this 2 week course and the material was presented well and easy to understand. All of the teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Whenever i did email with a questions, I would get a very quick response as well. – Calee, Colo

The course does move very fast, however all instructors are willing to slow down and clarify anything. I doesn’t ever feel too fast because of how they are willing to go back and make sure everyo0ne understands. Practicing on paper did help before practicing on the models. I loved this course and felt like we had a great class! – Mariah, Colo

I absolutely loved this course! I personally came in having different expectations due to past schools I’ve been enrolled in, but I was certainly blown away by this school! Everyone was kind, helpful, and I was extremely impressed by the material that was given! – Shannon, Colo