Very helpful and informed instructors, plenty of one on one help. – Heather, Colo

RMLC does a fantastic job with teaching and instruction. I was unsure of what to expect – but this has surpassed my expectations. Thank you to all, I look forward to applying this learning in my clinical setting. – Alicia, Michigan

Everyone here is very nice and willing to answer any questions we had. It was especially helpful to have the slides for each topic printed out for us. That way if we venture off in the business and aren’t sure about something, we can go back in there and look. – Christina, Colo

The class was very informative. Learning the theory and practicing hands on after really helped me understand how and why the laser works. – Julie, Colo

I loved how organized everything was and how much hands on training I received. – Britney, Colo

I really appreciated the hands on components with real clients. The honesty and safety presented in the course was incredibly valuable. Being able to provide and experience treatments was very helpful and material was presented in a easy to grasp format. – Maria, Vermont

This course was very informative, went at a very good pace and we had a lot of assistance with learning the material and hands on. With different instructors it was helpful to be around different teaching styles and i learned and have a really good understanding of the whys and how’s. – Carthy, Colo

The course was wonderful, maybe a little rushed. Would suggest the text books to have bigger printing for easier reading. – Maritza, Florida

Maybe slow down a bit with the clients so we get time to process what we are learning. – Laura, Colo

Great program. Loved it and I learned a lot. Good hands on and enough models to practice on. – Miriam, Colo

I had a lot of fun and really appreciate how professional and well thought out everything was. I learned so much and got to get plenty of hands on time. Everyone was so nice and it was easy to fit in, Thank You! – Lejla, Missouri