logo-femilift (002)The FemiLift is an innovative procedure to help rejuvenate your feminine health and happiness. The procedure is done in our office using a minimally invasive technology that requires no downtime. Patients report an immediate return to daily activities, although we suggest that you avoid sexual intercourse for 3 days post treatment. The FemiLift is the leading solution for optimal feminine wellness at any age.

The procedure is:

  • Minimally Invasive, and virtually painless.
  • Gentle Treatment, for controlled safety and accuracy.
  • Maximum Precision, with a CO2 laser; the right wavelength and perfect pulse duration.
  • A Quick and Efficient delivery of fractionated laser energy split into micro pixels.

   The enduring benefits of FemiLift can be an improved quality of life and deeply enhanced self- esteem.

  • Vaginal Tightening – Post menopausal women, including those who had a hysterectomy, will eventually experience diminished tightness and sensitivity in the vaginal area, causing decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse. This can result in quality of life issues. FemiLift offers a simple and safe solution that restores the sensitivity of vaginal tissues. The female genital tissue is restored to a more youthful state.
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence – Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is an extremely common condition affecting a high percentage of women and increases with age. The FemiLift provides safe and effective treatment for SUI, enabling women to enjoy a much more comfortable lifestyle. The FemiLift treats involuntary urine leakage that occurs during activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure, such as sneezing, coughing, laughing, heavy lifting and sometimes during sexual intercourse. The FemiLift treats the entire pre-urethral space, increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and providing better support. The result of the treatment is a significant reduction in SUI symptoms, improved control of urination and long term patient satisfaction.
  • Vaginal Dryness and Recurring Infections – FemiLift effectively addresses a wide range of feminine wellness issues. Dryness and recurrent infections are treated through the rejuvenation of the vulva-vaginal tissue. This improves vaginal lubrication and normalizes vaginal pH and flora making. FemiLift utilizes Co2 laser to enhance the local immune system response and helps eliminate chronic vaginal infection.
  • Post-Menopausal GSM – Genito-Urinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM) is becoming an increasing concern for women worldwide. More than half of post- menopausal women will likely experience GSM. The symptoms of GSM have significant impact on a woman’s lifestyle, emotions and sex life. The shift in hormones that occurs with menopause can cause the lining of the vagina to become thinner, drier, less elastic and inflamed. FemiLift increases the thickness of the vaginal wall and restores natural lubrication. The treatment reduces uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, burning and painful friction, thus improving sexual function.
  • Post Baby Delivery Rehabilitation – Childbirth involves physiological changes to a woman’s body. Post-delivery, the vaginal wall may feel stretched and dry. The pelvic floor is often weakened as well. FemiLift rehabilitates the entire vaginal area by reinforcing and toning the vaginal tissue; restoring it’s strength and flexibility.

Labial Rejuvenation treatments are being offered along with the FemiLift to complete your youthful transformation. The tightening of the labia can increase sexual sensation, as well as creating a more visually enticing labial area. By using the Co2 laser, we restore a more youthful appearance which many women tell us restores their confidence… and confidence is sexy. The before and after pictures are startling , although I don’t think I’ll show them here.